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Social Activities and Meetings

The Bracknell & District Branch of Parkinson's UK arranges regular events which you are welcome to attend. To see the upcoming schedule of events please refer to the Diary on the left hand side.

You don't have to be a Parkinson's sufferer - the aim of our organisation is to provide support for sufferers and their families.

Prospective members are also very welcome to attend these events on a non-obligatory basis. We are a friendly bunch and we aren't going to try and arm-wrestle you into becoming a member - it's up to you if you want to join. So please come along and meet us.

If you haven't been before it might be best if you dropped our secretary a quick email in advance so that we can be sure to make you welcome when you arrive. There's nothing worse than making the effort to attend and finding that a last minute change of schedule occurred which we might have been able to make you aware of.

Monthly Meetings

We hold regular monthly meetings, usually held on the second Monday of each month. Wherever possible we invite a speaker to give a presentation on a Parkinson's issue, or topic which members might find to be of general interest. Our frequent visitors include support personnel from the local and UK Parkinson's community.

Note that there are not normally meetings in January and August, however please check the Diary to make sure.

Refreshments (tea/coffee) are also provided.

The primary purpose of these meetings is to keep members informed of developments within both the local organisation and on a wider scale. They also provide members will an opportunity to meet with other members and raise topics of interest.

These meetings generally start at 7:30pm and last for about 1.5 hours. There is no dress code - casual would be fine.

Location: Edmonds Court

Pub Socials

Separate to the monthly meetings we arrange events for socialising with other members on a regular basis.

These comprise meeting for lunch at a local pub, The Three Frogs in Wokingham, at which you can enjoy a nice meal or just have a drink and share experiences with other Branch members. The Three Frogs has gained an enviable reputation over many years as a highly respected eating place with a very impressive menu to suit all tastes. It's close to the A329 junction for Wokingham - the pub is on the right, about half a mile from the motorway as you head from the A329 towards Wokingham town centre.

Please note that you pay for what you order - these aren't 'free grub' events. The Three Frogs is a regular (large) pub which we reserve a couple of large tables at in advance. Please yourself about whether you just want just a drink and packet of crisps, a snack and orange juice, or multi-course meal with wine.

These events start at 12.00pm, and will generally last a couple of hours whilst food is served - there is no set end time. There is no dress code and although it might be helpful for the pub to make sure enough seats have been reserved, you don't need to book in advance. If you DO want to let us know in advance then pop an email to David Read, the event co-ordinator, at

Location: The Three Frogs