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Hydrotherapy Sessions
The Bracknell branch provides funding to subsidise two weekly hydrotherapy sessions for Bracknell branch members. The cost to members is £4 per session from May 2016.
They are available on either Mondays or Thursdays. Each session lasts 45 minutes and is run by two specially trained physiotherapists for between eight- ten people. The sessions are held at the Nirvana Spa in Sindlesham and have been running since April 2008.
If necessary we will also provide some subsidy to support travel costs. 
A medical form must be completed before you can take part and the Spa will arrange an assessment for you to ensure they understand your capabilities and how the therapy can best help you.
We are very keen that members take advantage of this service - we believe you will find it very beneficial. We have been running this for a couple of years now and it has been extremely popular. Please try it and see if it helps you.
For further details please contact Peter Coombes at