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Useful Links

Links to Other Interesting or Useful Websites. Please note that the Bracknell Parkinsons Organisation are not responsible for content which may be found on web sites linked below. If you do find objectionable material or wish to suggest other sites which may be of interest to others please use the Contact Us menu option to advise.

Adventure Sponsorship

If you fancy doing something challenging whilst raising money for Parkinson's you might like to see the options available on this web page.

Parkinson's Alert Card

One way to let people know that you have Parkinson's is to carry a Parkinson's alert card. These are available free of charge and can be useful in case of ermergency or when having difficulty with movement or communication.

Two versions are available, one is suitable for people who have hearing difficulties. Click here to see details of how to order.

Parkinson's Medication Card

This is a card which you can carry around listing the medications which you need. Click here to see details of how to order.

Parkinson's Medication Record

This booklet provides you with the means to record important information relating to your Parkinson's illness. Click here to see details of how to order.

Phones For Parkinson's

If you want to help raise funds for Parkinson's, why not consider obtaining a mobile phone and taking up a mobile phone contract? These arrangements are financially neutral for you (they don't cost any more than standard contracts), but 45% of the profits are paid to Parkinson's UK.

Free Cinema Tickets

If you have Parkinson's you can obtain a card which entitles anyone accompanying you to the cinema  - free of charge. To submit an application please visit the Cinema Exhibitors' Association web site.

NICE Guidance

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence provide a range of guidance relating to Parkinson's.

Boots WebMD

The Boots WebMD web site can be a valuable resource to find information about illlnesses and medication.


The MedScape web site provides news about advances being made within the medicinal practitioner community. If you create an account (free) you can subscribe to receive email notification of any new articles published for Parkinson's or any other illness which you may be interested in.

Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre

The OPDC are working on a project which aims to find diagnostic tests which can identify Parkinson's at an early stage in the life cycle of the illness. Currently diagnosis comes after the patient is exhibiting classical symptoms, by which time damage to the patient's internal system is already well advanced and probably too late to give medication a chance to either prevent further aggressive deterioration or hamper its progress.

Note: Volunteers wanted. If you and your family members (not necessarily suffering with Parkinson's) wish to volunteer to help with OPDC trials please complete the volunteer form and return this to the address given at the bottom of the form.

Going Into Hospital

Information designed to help you if you need to spend time in hospital can be found on the Parkinson UK website at

The E-Gym Project - Exercises For Parkinson's

Taking regular exercise is a highly recommended option for sufferers of Parkinson's. The E-Gym Project provides a set of animated exercises which may be useful.

Some exercises may prove more beneficial to you than others - if you are unsure please check with your physiotherapist or doctor. It is recommended that you have someone with you the first few times you attempt new exercises which could potentially lead to you becoming unbalanced or falling.

Book Swap

If you have books which you no longer need you can arrange to exchange books via the Read It Swap It web site. You (the buyer) only pay the postage.

Guide To Benefits

The DirectGov web site lists all of the different benefits and allowances which are available to disabled people. In particular the following publications may be of interest:

Financial Support For Disabled People

Benefits Available For Carers