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Reflexology Service

Reflexology is a form of foot massage which is based on the principle that every organ and system in the body has a corresponding point or zone in the foot, lower leg and hand.

For example, the big toe represents the head and brain. Working these points brings about a sense of wellbeing in the body.

People with Parkinson’s and their carers sometimes finds that reflexology improves their sense of wellbeing, improves their mood, aids relaxation, releases tension and aids sleep.

For more information, visit

To book an appointment, please email Claire at  or ring or text her mobile 07717 777583.

The cost of the service will be £32 for a 50 minute treatment.

However, the Branch will subsidise the cost of the service to the tune of £12 which means that the member/carer will pay just £20 and the remaining £12 will be met by the Branch.

For more information about complementary therapies and Parkinson's please see this page on the Parkinson's UKwebsite.